Blocked Drain Services in Wollongong

At CDI Plumbing, we clear blocked drains promptly and effectively. Our skilled and experienced team will locate the issue and remove it using the best method for your situation. Our state-of-the-art technology and CCTV devices allow us to find those hidden or hard to reach blockages so we can understand which type of blockage it is.

The method we use to clear blocked drains will depend on the pipe and what type of blockage is present. In bathrooms, blockages made up of hair or soap are common and require a different kind of clearing than a grease blockage in the kitchen.


In some cases, blockages will require hydro jetting. This method involves using a high-pressure flow of water delivered through a heavy-duty hose.



We clear blocked drains from the following:

If you have a blocked drain, call our experienced team to discuss how we can help get your drains flowing freely.